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Educationery is the first ever educational stationery line for students!   

✓Study smarter

✓Reduce study stress

✓Get organized

✓Avoid last minute cramming

✓Feel motivated to study!

Growing up, I spent years focusing only on my grades, neglecting my personal needs and stressing WAYYY to much. In fact, looking back, it's clear I tied my self worth to my grades and academic achievements, which only led to me feeling even more stressed out and eventually having several panic attacks in my final year of school...yikes!

Can you relate?

Maybe you're a stress head and perfectionist like I was?

Maybe you lack work/life balance or struggle to stay organised and feel motivated?

Maybe you doubt in your abilities and second guess yourself way too often?


I WISH I had someone to turn to for support when I was a student. Someone who could empathise with what I was going through, help me figure out how to study more effectively so I didn't have to sacrifice sleep or a social life, and also give me a reality check when I desperately needed one and thought that getting consecutive A+ winning streaks was the be all and end all to building a successful future...Sound familiar?


Over time, I thankfully learned how to study more effectively, prioritize my own well-being and adopt a more positive mindset and outlook to life. 


I’ve spent the last few years making videos on YouTube that have, and continue to inspire and motivate millions of students around the world to study smarter, stress less and live a healthier and happier life! My mission is to guide and support students like yourself, while empowering them to take control of their studies and future. So, if you're looking to take the stress out of studying and ensure you feel more supported every step of the way, then you've come to the right place!


This is also why I designed Educationery, the first ever educational stationery line specifically created to make studying easier! Each planner and book is designed to guide you through the steps for planning and completing your homework, assignments and class projects, as well as help you to study effectively for upcoming exams and avoid that last minute cramming (you know, the kind that makes you pull an all nighter until you show up to your exams with a caffeine buzz, red droopy eyes, a racing heart and wearing mismatched shoes and socks...eep!) 

If you're ready to study smarter and let go of that huge weight of stress that comes with being a student, then be sure to check out my stationery line! x

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