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"By being yourself, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before."

- Edwin Elliot







In order to educate her followers on the best use of social media and also for herself, Jess is going on a journey to seek more learnings in the mindful landscape, and in the interim discover more about herself and how she can best use her voice as an influencer. "Mind Full" documents Jess' journey as she meets with wellness and mental health experts, shares her newfound knowledge of positive online usage and wellbeing, and puts her own vulnerabilities online in the hopes of making a real difference to her audience's lives; using her position as an influencer to be a part of the solution. 


Your videos are so magical! They bring a big smile on my face always! - Vaishnavi Lyer


Oh my goodness this is amazing. Love you Jess - Neeraja Ahielan 


I'm so excited for the next episode! I feel like as a viewer, I can connect and learn on a deeper level. Keep up the great work! - Brooke


Omg Jess! I'm in love already with this series. Looks like you've done some great effort there. Looking forward for part 2! - Mitette George


Great video, it’s very open and true. I am really excited to keep watching the next video! - Lola Velez


I love love love this! Authenticity can get masked by what we think we should be doing and consuming. I never really comment on anything but WOW this is already so engaging, can't wait to see what's next! - Aria Gaudet


Thank you for your vulnerability, Jess. It’s so valuable - Laura K


Successful YouTuber, Jess Holsman, gives advice on study, success and life... but was her own life always this together? Life of Jess is a 5-part teen dramedy that takes us back to Jess’ high school days to see how she survived high school and developed her positive approach to life!

What My Viewers Are Saying...

I love your videos and they make me smile – Kendall

You get me motivated with studying – Maryam

You’ve really helped me get my grades up - Chelsea

You are literally my inspiration – Rodriguez

I love your videos – Kazia

You’re truly the best. This video helped tones - Haley

I love you forever and always – Bella

Your videos motivate me so much – Ellie

You’re so inspiring – Amy

You are my hero and role model – Farah


WOW! I knew that it was going to be amazing but this was WOW! Can't wait until next episode, I enjoyed it a lot! - Hermiona luna


You really surprised me Jess! I expected it to be good, but not THIS GOOD. Can't wait for another episode! - Green Wolf123

Ahhh! Oh my gosh! Once again, I appreciate you taking up your time to create something special for your viewers! - Maheen Chaudhry


Jess!!! This episode is just 'Wow'. I didn't really know what to expect when you first announced it. But now I am so looking forward to the coming episodes. - Ankitha Robin Poorthavelil


I love these episodes so much that I am rewatching them now. Please make the second season. I am waiting for them. - Sudesh Kumar


I love this! With my whole being! - Blue Guitar


Loved this series! Thank you so much, Jess! Everyone was so talented and this series taught me so many life-lessons! - Natasha Grace Saxby Roxie

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